Sunday’s Message
During the summer months we looked at Bible Stories from the Old Testament,  this summer we were in the Book of Daniel.  Now that the summer is over we will start a new series of messages from 1 John.  The best way to describe this book is, "Back to the Basics for Christians." 
John writes this book to remind us as believers how we should act and how we should love if we claim to be Christians.  Once we have become a follower of Christ, we need to know how we should strive to live in our world that is contrary to Christ.  In other words, what do we do now that we are Christians.  If all God wanted to do was save our souls, He could have saved us and taken us home to heaven, but He has not done that.  He has left us here on earth so that we could be witnesses for Him. 
The book of 1 John will help us understand what God expects from us as believers and followers of Christ.  Come, as we get into "Back to the Basics for Christians."
Pastor Dan Meadows


Our choir returns this Sunday from Summer Break!


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Wednesday, October 31st

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Saturday, November 3rd

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